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Chip Sorter

This machine is a Chip Sorter, which picks conforming chip up from dicing film and put on a tray.
On manual machine, ring with film that the diced wafer on, is set by manual. Then chips are transferred from the ring to trays by automatic hands. Once all chips are transferred or trays are full, CT200 gives alarm to request to change ring or to remove trays for new empty ones.

・Available for 2” to 8” wafer. 12” available upon discussion.
・Maximum 16 classification (sort to 16 different trays)
・Frexible chip sorting such as ring to tray, ring to ring, tray to ring
・Your own tray can be installed. (available for special trays)
・Proved chip data (map option) can be used for sorting program.
・Both sides of chip can be inspected.
・Positioning can be fineadjustable on collet theta axis
・Chip turn-over
・Please ask for full-automation handling

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